perhaps Speakers Corner is relic of a past era in London

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I took a dumb photo of myself pretending to give a speech at Speakers’ Corner and we left the park. As we exited I thought to myself that perhaps Speakers Corner is relic of a past era in London. With less and less to protest against in this liberal western democracy, maybe Speakers’ Corner has faded into Bolivian.

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The U 2 enormous wingspan is what helps give it the lift needed to stay afloat miles above the ground it measures 103ft (31.4m) from tip to tip. But when it comes to landing it proves very tricky indeed. The pilot job is made trickier in that the aircraft design is so honed to keeping it in the air that the plane will only land when the wing is fully stalled, and the lack of electrically powered controls makes the plane very physically demanding at lower altitudes.

Nearby are rows of chestnuts that stand about a metre tall, the most promising hybrid yet to emerge from nearly 30 years of breeding experiments. This ‘restoration chestnut’ is 94% American and 6% Chinese and seems to show strong resistance to the blight. But the Virginia trees may not thrive in other locations, so the researchers are working to adapt the restoration chestnut to other climates.

More recently, Gap19, corresponding to a nine amino acid sequence on the cytoplasmic loop of Cx4328, has been introduced as a more selective Cx43 inhibitor due to the sequence’s specific functional role. This peptide mimetic acts by blocking the interaction of the c terminus with the cytoplasmic loop, a process required for the opening of hemichannels21,27,29. While this interaction also occurs in gap junctions, only hemichannels require the process for opening21, and thus are selectively inhibited while gap junctions remain functional30.

The blots were probed with antibodies directed against: LMNA/C (Acrix); Wnt5a (Acrix); TLR4 (Immnunostep); mTOR (Cell Signalling); HMGB1 (Abcam); pAKT; AKT and tubulin (all from Cell Signalling) or actin (Sigma Aldrich) were housekeeping proteins used as loading controls. Secondary anti rabbit (Cell Signalling) or anti mouse (DAKO) antibodies were used to visualize proteins using an Amersham ECL Western Blotting Analysis System (GE Healthcare, Amersham Biotechnology, Manchester, UK). Ideal concentrations for each antibody were empirically determined.