Marietta Times

Marietta Times

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Saul tries to dissuade Sally from getting involved with Thomas. Learning that Thomas asked Sally to be his date for the Australian weddings, Gram thinks it will be a boost for Spectra. Gram gets Sally a ticket on a budget airline. Sally is in the middle of hell when she sits between a couple that has won the trip via a radio contest. From sneezing to not shutting up, the couple gets on Sally last nerve, but she becomes serene when she thinks of seeing Thomas. While Sally flies cheap, The Forrester clan is flying in the lap of luxury. Katie and Bill have a pleasant conversation and he reveals he has decided not to wear the Spencer family necklace. Katie spies on Quinn and Ridge as the share a couple of close moments. Brooke is livid when, once again, Katie suggests that Ridge and Quinn are more than coworkers. Unable to attend the wedding, TJ offers to look after the fashion house and Coco. Coco, unaware that she has been hooked up to a device that will spy on Forrester Fashion is smitten with TJ. Charlie continues his quest to prove the lipstick smudge on Ridge napkin belongs to Quinn.


OF OUR LIVES When a drunken patient is involved in a car crash, Marlena asks Eric to help. Eric obliges, as he can understand the driver fear and anguish that the other driver may die. The driver lives and Eric realizes he can help others through his own experience. Jennifer is thrilled when Eric agrees to return to Salem and work at the Horton Center. Even when they are with others, Gabi and Chad daydream about each other. Dario admits to Gabi he loves Abby. Adrienne is crushed when she learns the chemo did not shrink her tumor enough so she can avoid the mastectomy. Paul is afraid for everyone safety when Sonny says he plans to topple Deimos. Just as Brady discovers Nicole, Deimos arrives. Nicole tells Deimos she will never go back to him: she hates him. Victor is unhappy that Brady seems to be falling for Nicole and is helping her escape with baby Holly. After Ciara admits to Claire she still has feelings for Theo, Claire decides if she sleeps with Theo, Ciara will not be a threat. Jade is heartbroken when she learns her liver transplant for her father was rejected. Joey and Jade seem to be rekindling their romance. Eli, who reveals he is an FBI agent, is tossed a welcome to the Horton family lunch. Learning the good, the bad and the ugly about the family, Eli is honored to be part of the clan. When Val stumbles onto the party at Horton Square, Eli rejects her. Vanessa, who has decided to stay in Salem, is grateful when Abe says he will always be there for her. Lani and JJ dismiss Abe unhappy take on their relationship. Kayla and Steve search for Tripp, his son by Ava.

HOSPITAL Learning Olivia has captured Alexis, Julian rushes to save her. On the bridge, where Liv is holding Alexis, Liv orders Julian to kill her instead; Julian shoots the handcuff that is restraining Olivia. A furious Liv shoots Julian, who tumbles into the water. Alexis is shaken when Julian body is not found but his jacket with a bullet hole is. Jordan tells Alexis they are no longer treating the search for Julian as a rescue but a recovery. Alexis is unhappy when Sam does not seem to care that her father might be dead. Dillon and Kiki are enjoying their relationship. When Tracy receives a letter from Ned father, cheap jerseys Lord Larry Ashton, she thinks he wants money and tosses it away. As Carly is visiting Morgan grave, Liv arrives. Holding a gun on her, Carly taunts her by shooting all around her. As Carly is about to kill Liv, Sonny talks her into putting down the gun and Liv is arrested. Lulu and Laura are unhappy when Kevin says he cannot be the therapist to evaluate Charlotte for the custody proceedings. He also says he cannot contact the therapist who has been given the case. Having taken Robin place on the pressure bomb in the hospital elevator that Liv placed her on, Jason waits for the bomb to detonate. Curtis comes on the scene and helps the bomb squad set Jason free. Anna continues to wonder about her past with Valentin. Sonny corners Ridge, who swears when he first met Liv he did not know she planted the bomb that killed Morgan. Ava begs Sonny to let her see Avery. Liz is concerned when Jake begins to have memories of his time with Helena. Franco thinks he can help Jake recall everything by using art therapy. Andre and Jordan agree their romance is over, but they will always be friends. Ned pushes Olivia for an answer to his marriage proposal. Admitting her love for Fin, Hayden says she will help go through withdrawal from Zen Zen. Finn is forced to take a leave of absence from GH.

SNEAK PEEK: JASON AND FRANCO AGREE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Victor warns Chelsea that Nick can never know Adam is Christian bio dad. Sharon gets Faith to realize a woman can be fine without a man and have a full life. Jill wonders why Katherine did not give her the engagement ring that Phillip bought for her. When Jill questions Nikki, Nikki says she needs to let go of any bitterness she harbors for Katherine. Nikki also suggests she give Colin another chance. Neil tells Colin he should give everyone some peace and head to Australia. In Tokyo, Cane, with Juliette help, lands a major contract. Getting high on Saki, Cane cannot remember what happened with Juliette. He is worried when he finds her earring in his hotel bed. Juliette says it was innocent. Back home, as he unpacks, Cane finds a piece of lingerie that belongs to Juliette. Don, a creepy fan of Lily comes to the house and snaps photos of her, Jordan comes on the scene hustles Don out and spends the night on the couch so Lily feels safe. Hilary tells Devon she wants one thing in the divorce: the TV station. Jack is snowed out of the charity opera gala, and Ashley finds herself without an escort, so Ravi offers to go with her. Ashley is stunned when a very suave Ravi arrives. Billy is excited when he thinks he has landed a contract for Brash and Sassy to be the official men line for the Hockey League. When Jack finds out, he gets the contract. Ashley, angry over Jack tactics, tells Billy she will work with him to make certain he gets it.