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Aboughaddareh workshop was established in Shiraz in 1940 by the hard work and effort of Aboughaddareh brothers. Over the years, uninterrupted and continuous activity of the founders and the coherent management of the workshop resulted in creating the biggest industrial complex of the private sector in south of Iran in 1980.

By the rise of the younger generation of the family and placing the brand new commercial and industrial ideas and youth spirit along with years of valuable experience and hard work prepared the ground for the complex to be transformed into more than 20 great and active industrial units throughout the country with the brand and family name of Aboughaddareh and Decoran company is one the most outstanding  sections of this industrial group and one of the biggest manufacturers of office furniture in Iran .

The outcome of years of industrial experience with the use of artistic experts and experienced designers and also skillful and compassionate personnel and continuous attempt of Decoran’s managers led into the creation of the products with the following specifications:

1-      The utilization of the best machinery and world’s latest technology which resulted in distinct quality of the products.

2-      The utilization of the best ingredients which guarantees the high quality of the products .

3-      Keeping human’s health (ergonomics) which is the result of designers’’ attempt and their following of standard principles .

4-      Coordination of products with various jobs and job environment.