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History of Decoran Co.

You are the name of Sane and the creator of the beauties

Abuqdarah technical workshop was established in 1319 with the efforts of Aboukhdara brothers in Shiraz. Over the years, the continuous activity of the founders and its coherent management of the workshop gradually became the largest private industrial complex in the south of the country in the year 1359.
With the advent of the younger generations of the family and the emergence of new industrial and commercial ideas with a youthful spirit, along with many years of worthwhile experience and effort, it has provided the foundation for more than 20 large and active industrial units throughout The brand name and family of Abou Kardar, which is one of the major units of this industrial group and one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Iran.
The fruit of many years of industrial experience has led to the production of products with the following characteristics with the use of designers, experienced, experienced and skilled personnel, compassionate and continuous efforts of the directors of the company Decoran:

1. Using the best machines and technology of the day, which results in a distinct quality in products.

2. Using the best raw materials to ensure high quality products.

3. Preserving the body's health (ergonomics) as a result of the efforts of the designers of this company and following the principles of the standard.

4. Proportionality of products with a variety of jobs and workplaces that brings job satisfaction and productivity.

5-Variety and beauty of products that align them with different work environments.

The result of many years of our experience and effort is a valuable gift to you that every Iranian can be proud of being Iranian.
Your satisfaction smile is a reward for more than seven decades of our effort.

Some of the honors of Decoran Co

It is proud to receive 18 statues
Standard National Standard Units 2014
National sample producer for 2011, 2015 and 2017
Design and production of superior office furniture. International Furniture Fair HOFEX 2012 and 2014
Statue of the director of the country in 2011
Top brand 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2016
Superior Entrepreneur of the Year 1391 and 2016
It is proud to earn 17 provincial statues
Statue of the standard provincial unit of 2010 and 2015
Statue of Consumer Rights Protection 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
Industrial unit of Fars province, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016
The unit of knowledge of Fars province industrial township 2010
Entrepreneur of Fars province 2013 and 2014

Brief description of the company's activities

A large number of airports throughout the country including:
Mehrabad Airport, Shiraz Airport, Bushehr Airport, Bandar Lengeh Airport, Ahwaz Airport, Yazd Airport, Zahedan Airport, Sahavan Airport, Bahregan Airport (Continental Oil Company), Shiraz Air Force Airport, Bandar Abbas Airport, Technical Building Block and Tower of Caring Shiraz Airport, Abu Musa Airport, Gorgan Airport, Shahrekord Airport, Yasuj Airport, Urumia Airport, Lamdard Airport, Rasht Airport, Kerman Airport
Fars Telecommunication Authority / Shiraz City Rail Authority / Fars Provincial Organization / Fars Provincial Environment Organization / Fars Cultural Heritage Organization / Hormozgan Telecommunication Authority / Gachsaran Oil Company / Petro Kaveh Dalan Co. /
Hamedan Gas Transmission Company / PDC- Persepolis Club of Tehran / General Directorate of Fars Province and all branch branches / General Social Security Organization and all branches of Fars province / Iranian Institute of Companies PKMC / Fars Province Department of Culture and Guidance/
Shiraz Regional Petrochemical Library / Shiraz Petrochemical Office / Shiraz Islamic Council Islamic Azad University / Zarqan Islamic Azad University / Shiraz Engineering Faculty / IT Building Mellat Bank in Tehran / Shiraz International Exhibition Center / National Bank Printing & Publishing /
Fars / Fars Regional Central Transfusion Organization / Bonab Steel Complex - D-LINK / Shiraz Bus Company / Khorasan Foundation of Shiraz / Faculty of Law Enforcement in Tehran / Fateh Sanat Kimia Co. /
Fars / Fars Registration and Property Registration Organization / Fars Education Organization and all Education Areas / Great Persian Gulf Trade Complex Shiraz / Central Offshore Oil Company / Hormozgan Province Commercial Office / Lamerd Cement Company /
Shiraz Refinery - Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company Mahshahr / Big Khozestan Development Company / Ahvaz Oil Company Welfare Services / Shiraz and Suburban Bus Company / Organization of Passenger Terminals of Fars Province / Darab Cement Company /
Jam Construction Petrochemical Construction Project in Assalouyeh / Sky Airlines Offices in Shiraz / Jam Company / General Telecommunication Office of Khuzestan Province / Jahrom Seaport / Deputy Commander for Naval Support of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Hormozgan/
And countless other agencies and institutions across the country....

We are always looking for creativity and quality, if you think you can come along with us in this way, call now ...